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Ngoma Radio

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The Ngoma Africa Band

The Golden Voice of East Africa
soulful Vocals,hypnotic guitars and driving

Ngoma Africa Band, a Tanzanian band base in Germany,founded in the year 1993 by Ebrahim Makunja aka ras makunja,named several time is the best band in many festivals.
This is beacuse of the way the band presents itself Live on stage.It penetrates the souls of the fans and automatically the audience became crazy!,especially when the band applies the EXTRA ORDINARY "Bongo Dansi" or "MZIKI WA DANSI" wich simple means danceable music from Tanzania.

The Fans found rhythm unique,you only can hear this beat when the Ngoma Africa band plays.Because of this reputitation of sends fans crazy with the beats and rhythm.
The spirit of the Ngoma Africa Band unites with the sprits and souls of the fans and other audience.

The Ngoma Africa Band have released the album "Mama Kimwaga"(sugar Mum),also numbers of Hit sigles CD,like Apache wacha Pombe(Stop over Drinking alcohol),Anti-Corruption Squard,Single CD "Jakaya Kikwete 2010".

Most of the songs are written in various east African languages.But majority in SWAHILI or KISWAHILI the spoken language in Tanzania and its neighbouring east African countries.
The Ngoma Africa Band bellong to the fans!Musician are just the servant's